"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision" --Peter F. Drucker

M & A Advisory Solutions

A high level of competitive pressure and an increasing appetite for growth have led firms across geographies and industries to choose the inorganic growth path. Mergers & Acquisitions and Takeovers provide a robust growth vehicle often best suited for such firms seeking an entry into a market, geography, product category or broadening its product and / or client base.

In India, corporate houses have recently witnessed an increase of restructuring in different organizations. The main reasons for the sudden impetus to restructure in India are as follows: a) deshackling of strict MRTP Act (3) provisions and new government policy of relicensing b) increased competition is another key element for giving rise to corporate restructuring. c) mounting pressure on margins have necessitated higher volume of business, resulting in mergers and acquisitions or the grand concentration of strategy has led to demergers of non profitable businesses, and d) all round resource optimization in existing businesses to streamline operational profit and to stay fit in competition. However, some organizations have done their restructuring through acquisition and mergers and some through demergers. There is also corporate restructuring done through changes in corporate structure and optimization of resources including financial structuring. When the market prices of shares are rising, the companies like to use their shares to acquire other companies. Acquisition is a process of taking over companies and merging with the entity in order to improve the margin. Here the advisors of the company may suggest and encourage mergers after taking over the other company.

The specialized merger and acquisition team at Aakkam, through their understanding of the Indian Capital Markets- Evolution, Regulations & Regulatory bodies, Relationship with Intermediaries, and a strong research orientation, has developed a unique knowledge and capability infrastructure to help companies plan, design and execute their growth strategies. While maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the clients we offer them the best of breed services relating to Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers. Our services include:

# - Assessing potential acquisition targets and providing valuation analysis

# - Advising on transactions structuring, fund raising, or buy back repatriations

# - Ensuring methodical and appropriate company valuation

# - Business due diligence

# - Negotiating and consummating transactions

# - Providing special committee advisory

# - Advising on transaction structuring, timing, pricing, and potential financing,

# - Providing fair opinions

# - Assisting in negotiating and closing the acquisition.