Fund Raising Solutions

India is increasingly gaining a global importance as a major market hub for investments from all over the world. In this growing market, the thrust is on to make the right move at the right time. When the stakes are high you need a partner who understands your needs and importance of transactions being undertaken.

Our Investment Banking division is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and investors, end-to-end services for identifying avenues for growth, organic or otherwise, help forge strategic alliances/ joint ventures, cultivating and concluding acquisition/ divestment transactions through aggressive negotiation skills and result-oriented approach. We aim to create significant value for entrepreneurs and companies by helping them execute the right strategy. We have focused on mid-size clients who require more than just advise. We believe that the best solution for the client lies in a blend of various services, which we provide at a single point.

At Aakkam we have the necessary knowledge and relationship to access private capital for expansion, recapitalization/shareholder liquidity events, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions and debt financing through high quality institutional, financial and strategic investors. We serve as objective advisors presenting a broad range of financing options to ensure alignment with each client's specific objectives and strategies. Our professionals have transaction experience, financial acumen and capital source relationships needed to deliver superior advice and execution. We can handle every facet of your company's capitalization to gain maximum flexibility, competitive pricing and attractive terms.

We can raise resources through:

Debt - Term loan, foreign currency loan, working capital loan, trade finance, debentures, commercial paper

Equity - Public issue, right issue, private placement, preference shares, Global Depository Receipts/ American Depository Receipts

Hybrid - Convertible debentures, foreign currency convertible bonds

Securitization - future receivables financing, asset backed securities