Aakkam Corporate Solutions is a financial consulting and advisory firm started with vision to make one of the most efficient financial and advisory services hub with qualitative human interfacing technology. The mission of the company is maximizing client satisfaction through innovative, transparent and need based solutions. Aakkam is dedicated in providing top - notch financial solutions packages to its client to help them achieve and sustain competitive advantage in the industry.

We provide end-to-end advisory solutions to companies in high-growth markets for their capitalization/recapitalization strategy. Our mission is to help our client secure the desired funding in the most efficient and time-bound manner. We not only provide advisory services to our clients but also make sure that the funding we arrange for our clients fits into their long-term growth strategy. We provide our clients with a host of debt and equity solutions to meet their funding requirements.

During the course of our work, we have developed a very close inter - personal relationship with various Bankers & Private Equity firms which has helped us ensure that the client’s mandate gets executed in the most desirable manner within a legitimate time span.

Our Team of experienced professionals is dedicated in providing outstanding service, quantifiable value and creative solutions which maximizes the gain for our clients. Our ethos and business approach is based upon complete trust and we offer high quality and effecient services in the following areas: